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Shell Meaning & Spiritual Symbolism

Long worshipped and considered sacred, sea shells have a very special spiritual significance. Whether Greek, Catholic or African, shells were widely used to decorate outfits, as currency or as good...


Cowrie Shells: Virtues and Meanings

Exploring the Significance and Uses of Cowrie Shells Cowrie shells are small seashells that have been used for centuries as a medium of exchange, jewelry, and various decorations. Valued in divina...


How to Draw a Shell? Unleash Your Creativity here!

How to Draw a Shell? Unleash Your Creativity: Mastering Shell Drawin Shells are wonders of nature, with original, mysterious, and unique shapes and colors. In fact, we all love to collect them on ...

Tahitian Shell Necklace Meanings

Tahitian Shell Necklaces: Meanings & Symbolism

Meanings of the tahitian shell necklace Tahitian shell necklaces are emblematic figures of Polynesian culture and are often given to people leaving the island as a farewell gift. Made with unique m...