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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Try one of three simple methods to ensure your ring fits perfectly every time.


Download and print the ring sizing guide here

Measuring your ring size is very easy with a ring sizing chart or string. Many jewelry stores will give you your ring size for free, but it is also easy to measure yourself at home. Learn how to measure your ring size at home before ordering from the best jewelry store or hinting at that gorgeous engagement ring you've had your eye on for your partner.

How to measure ring size using a string

How to measure ring size using a string

  1. Take a long piece of floss or string and wrap it around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark with a pen where the floss or string first overlaps.
  3. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the length in millimeters.
  4. To calculate the diameter, divide the circumference by the circumference (you may want to divide by 3.14).
  5. Use the ring size chart below to compare your finger diameter to a standard ring size.

Tip: String and floss can stretch, so don't pull too much. If you do, the ring finger you measured may be larger than your finger and the ring you purchased may be too large.

Proper fit

According to Catbird, a popular fine jewelry store in Brooklyn, New York, "The ring should fit snugly on the finger, snug enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over the finger joint without resistance."

Ring Sizing Guide

Ring sizes in the U.S. are expressed as numbers (and their halves), typically ranging from ring size 3 to 13.5 for adults. This unit is the width of the finger in millimeters: ring size 3 fits someone whose ring finger (or any finger) is 14 millimeters wide, and sizes go up from there. Standard ring sizes go up by 0.4 mm for each half-size. For example, a size 3 ring is 14 mm, a size 3.5 ring is 14.4 mm, and a size 4 ring is 14.8 mm.Women's ring sizes range from size 3 (14 mm) to size 9 (19 mm), while men's ring sizes range from size 8 (18.2 mm) to size 14 (23 mm). The average ring size for women is a size 5 to 7 and for men a size 10 to 11. However, engagement rings are not cheap, so it is advisable to get an accurate measurement before spending a large sum of money.

Ring Size Measurement Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when measuring your ring size:

  • Consider your knuckles: If you know your knuckles (finger joints) are large, order a half size larger than your finger size.
  • Try it on several times to make sure it is accurate: The Catbird website recommends taking three or four measurements because finger size fluctuates with temperature: The Catbird website recommends taking three or four measurements because finger size fluctuates with temperature.
  • Measure the finger on which you plan to wear the ring: The ring finger on one hand may be smaller or larger than on the other hand, so measure the finger on which you plan to wear the ring most often to ensure a comfortable fit.


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