How to Draw a Shell? Unleash Your Creativity here!


How to Draw a Shell? Unleash Your Creativity: Mastering Shell Drawin

Shells are wonders of nature, with original, mysterious, and unique shapes and colors. In fact, we all love to collect them on the beach, whether we are young or old. Whether you're looking for an activity for your children or for yourself, you might be wondering how to draw a shell?

To reproduce shells on a sheet of paper or canvas, you will need to arm yourself with patience and go step by step. A pencil, a sheet, and you could be the new modern Picasso!

Drawing a shell step by step

The simplest technique for drawing a shell is the step-by-step method. If you're not very comfortable with drawing or want to learn new techniques easily, this part is for you. You will learn easily and gently how to represent cowries and conchs on your sketch pad.

The conch


The most appreciated shell by artists is the conch. Beautifully represented in the painting The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, it's one of the symbols of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Easy to represent, we advise you to color it in pastel colors such as light pink, beige, or purple. If you want to give a more vintage look to your artwork, feel free to use shades of gray, black, and white.

You will start by forming a circle (with a compass or a string and a pencil). Then, you will use this circle to form the contour of the conch and its jagged edges. The next step will be to draw the inner lines. Finally, you can detail the shell as you wish and even color it!

The turbo


The Turbo is a shell found all over the world, but especially in the Indo-Pacific basin. It is highly appreciated by artisans and jewelers for its pretty shape and original colors. Sometimes used as a wind instrument, it is also employed in the making of decorations of all kinds. Its sober colors and trendy shape could well end up on your next drawing sheet!

First, you will need to draw some simple and twisted lines. Then, you will use these basic lines to draw the rest of the Turbo shell. You will finally finish with the "tail" of the shell and its details. It is also possible to add color!

Other shells


Some other mollusks are easy and fun to draw, we leave you to study them and practice comfortably at home!

Here is an example with the nautilus (a large shell strongly resembling ammonites) and another type of pointed shell. Start with a small spiral and enlarge it gradually. Then, close the spiral and hatch the interior.

Drawing a starfish is quite simple as well. Just make a small circle, then 5 triangles with a rounded tip. Then, you can hatch the interior.

Inspired by shells collected on the beach

The second technique is reserved for artists and other advanced drawers. It is based on the principles of observation and inspiration. It's simply about drawing the shells you find on the beach by reproducing them line for line, without a paper model, just with your eyes, your brain, and your hands.

Where to find beautiful specimens?

You can find shells all over the beach, and even near some rivers and streams. Whether in France, Europe, or Asia, mollusk shells are different, their shapes and colors varying. This is explained by climatic differences. But that's not a problem, on the contrary!

If you want to collect pretty specimens for drawing, we advise you to start with fairly large shells. This way, you can better observe and reproduce the details.

Don't forget to wash your finds with hot water (or even toothpaste or bleach) before drying them and then using them as drawing models.

Which shells to favor?

As mentioned earlier, the larger shells will be the best. But don't hesitate to collect shells of all sizes, for even more variety in your creations. We particularly recommend:

  • Conchs
  • Turbos
  • Scallops
  • Cowries (Indo-Pacific basin)

For more information on the prettiest shells to draw, feel free to consult our top 10!

How to reproduce them?

To correctly represent a shell on a white sheet, you need to arm yourself with patience. Moreover, we advise you to use a medium-lead mechanical pencil, and fine to thick grain paper, as you wish. The important thing will be the quality of the material which will influence the final result.

Let's get to the drawing. You have two possibilities:

  • Place the shell, observe it for a few minutes by turning it in all directions, and draw it faithfully. For this, a sharp artistic sense is required.
  • Trace the shape of the shell if it is flat. If it's a bulging gastropod, you'll have a bit of trouble!

Shell drawing models

Finally, we provide you with some shell drawing models for you to get inspired and reproduce at home. You can find them here: Shell Drawings.

You're now ready to draw the most beautiful shells!

Finally! You know how to easily represent these pretty shells on a sheet of paper. By following this blog step by step, at your own pace, you will be able to impress your loved ones with your shell drawings! Whether it's a cowrie, a conch, or a turbo, no mollusk will have any secrets for you.

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